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It was a nice, warm, sunny summer as three children were playing inside an abandoned, two story cabin hidden deep within the north of the forest. The young 8 year-old Chenana was having a time of her life, playing sword fights with her cousin Kyle,  who was an 8 year-old boy with short teal spiky hair and violet eyes. They clashed their wooden swords together as an 8 year-old girl with long black hair, wearing an old Purple Wisconsin hat named Molly started clapping.

"Okay you two," she said, giggling with joy. "That's enough sword fighting."

Kyle frowned. "Aw, c'mon. I was going to beat her."

"Oh relax Kyle," Chenana spoke, rolling her eyes. "There's always tomorrow, ya know?"

Molly nodded in an agreement as her violet eyes sparkling with excitement. Kyle looked at her in confusion. "Hey, what's up with you Molly? What's with the look?"

"Oh nothing! I just had something VERY special planned for us tomorrow is all," She said.

"What is it?" Chenana asked as she had her arms crossed.

"Nah-uh! I'm not telling either of you! It's a surprise! Do you think you guys would meet me here tomorrow?"

Kyle sighed. "I don't know if I can," He answered. "I mean, my big brother Cameron came back from where ever he was yesterday and my parents wanted to have a family night at the movies sometime this week."

"So you don't know when that is I'm guessin'?" Chenana asked him.

Kyle nodded as he walked over towards a couch in the living room and sat down. "I have to ask my mom. She came up with the idea after all."

"Well I do hope you could come Kyle," Molly asked as she suddenly leaped and hugged him tightly, making him slightly jump a bit in surprise. "The surprise it meant for all three of us after all."

Kyle lightly blushes a bit nervously. "Y-Yeah... I'll... I'll see i-if I could come here M-Molly... Promise..."

Chenana started giggling. "OK you guys. We better head back home."

Both Molly and Kyle nodded as they started gathering their things. As they started leaving the building, Chenana looked back at the house and smiled. 'Whatever Molly planned for us, I'm sure it would be something to remember...' She thought to herself as she soon started walking with her cousin and her best friend... Unaware that tomorrow, everything would become a horrible nightmare...


As she explored around the Altera Mountains, some of the memories of Chenana's past were running through her mind to a point that she stopped focusing. All because of the guilt she felt for killing Nadine, her "nightmare" continued to flash back into her mind repeatedly. She clenched her teeth in frustration as she slammed her head against a wall.

"This is pissing me off!" She screamed in anger. "I'm really starting to lose it already!"

"You need to calm yourself Chenana," Aura Flaire's concerned voice echoed in her mind. "Losing your temper is not going to help..."

"Does it LOOK like I don't know that Aura Flaire?!" Chenana said as she started rubbing her head, having her one eye closed in slight pain. "Now where the heck is my second opponent? It's like a maze in here."

"Try to focus. You will be able to find your opponent easier if you stay calm."

She rolled her eyes as she kept on walking. "OK, I'll try. I just hope I'm not facing anyone that would--"

"CHENANA!" She suddenly heard Aura Flaire screamed loudly as she looked behind her and then a gust of wind sent her against the wall. The impact of her back hitting against an uneven wall made of dirt and rocks caused her to scream in pain as she collapsed onto her knees. She started coughing up some of the dirt that got into her mouth as she looked over to see where the attack came from. It was the same cyborg she ran into before back at Tower Crystallia named R.O.B.O.K. He had a katana in his metallic hands as he grinned psychotically.

"Oh, it's you again meat-bag," He stated as he continued smiling. "Don't tell me that YOU'RE supposed to be my second opponent this round."

Chenana weakly tried to get back on her feet as she picked up the mace she had dropped off the ground. "L-Looks like it, Mr. Rust Bucket..."

"Aw, well that sucks. I was hoping for a challenge this time. Oh well, I guess you'll have to do." He then rushes at her as he swung his katana, but Chenana quickly blocked the attack with her mace as she made a heavy kick at his face to make him stumble back a bit, just enough for her to make a run for it. She ran as fast as she could as she hid behind a small hill to catch her breath, but then coughed up a bit more, but this time it was blood again, just like before.

"D-Dammit..." She whispered. "I-It's getting worse..." She kept coughing even more as she had her hand on her side, shaking in pain.

"Chenana..." She could hear Aura Flaire say in worry. Chenana looked back where she ran from, but R.O.B.O.K wasn't there.

"Those things supporting his arms and legs..." She stated quietly. "M-Maybe I could--"

"I SEE YOU!!" She heard a familiar voice screamed from above her. She gasped in horror as she quickly jumped out of the way before R.O.B.O.K could slice her in half as she then smacked the metallic side of his head with her mace, breaking his red eye. He started to laugh a little bit as he had his hand covering his now broken red eye. "Why you little bitch... You broke my beautiful eye.."

Chenana panted a bit as she backed away a bit, looking at her mace that is covered in blood a little bit. Just looking at the blood made chills go down her spine, but she looked back at R.O.B.O.K as she used her spell wind blade to attack him, but he quickly dodged it and tried to attack her with his katana, only to be blocked by her mace. They began pushing each other with their weapons for a few seconds before R.O.B.O.K used his gust spell again to make Chenana lose her balance as he soon slashed at her right shoulder. She screamed in agony as she sent a faster wind blade spell at his metallic chest, making a dented scratch on it and making him stumble back a bit. Chenana grabbed her shoulder tightly, but then the nightmares began flashing back into her mind once again. Suddenly... she started laughing.

R.O.B.O.K looked at her in confusion as her laughter grew more louder and more psychotic. "Damn... and they say I'M crazy," He stated, but before he had time to react, she suddenly slammed her mace at his chest again with great force, causing him to get slammed against the wall. "W-What the hell??"

Chenana kept on laughing as she started speaking in a sick, psychotic tone. "Everybody tries to be straight... But things are still unchanged..." She kept on laughing as she tried to hit him with her mace again, but R.O.B.O.K quickly dodged the attack as he backed away a bit, trying to find the perfect time to attack her again. "It's useless to resist... Their effort will be wasted!!!"

"Chenana, snap out of it!! Please!!" Aura Flaire screamed in her mind, but Chenana wasn't listening to her at all as she kept on swinging her mace at R.O.B.O.K repeatedly, but he kept moving away from her attack. He then punched her in her stomach as he sent her into the wall again even harder this time. She coughed up a bit more blood as she kept on laughing, almost as if she wasn't feeling any pain anymore. This freaked R.O.B.O.K out a little bit as Chenana slowly got back up on her feet.

"Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk... Throw it all away..." Chenana said as she kept on laughing. "No one can break you... Nobody can tear you..." She looked up at him as he could see her sickening grin. "YOU LIVE AN ENDLESS LIFE FOREVER!!!" As she leaped at him with her mace again, R.O.B.O.K quickly grabbed her hand and swung her at the wall.

"Heh, you're pretty fun kid," He stated as he got his katana ready to finish her off. "But I'm afraid playtime is over!"  As he was about to slice her, Chenana quickly used her wind blade at his joints for his legs as she cuts off his left leg, causing him to fall to the ground. He growled angrily as he tried to get back up, but she used the second wind blade to cut off his right arm that was holding his katana as she kicked his weapon away from his reach. The moment he looked at her, Chenana had her mace up in the air.

"Playtime is over..." Chenana stated in a dark, psychotic tone.

R.O.B.O.K chuckled a bit. "So a-are you going to f-finish me off?" He asked with a grin. "Go ahead. Kill me. I wanted to die anyway. So do it! I DARE YOU!!"

Chenana let out a scream as she started slamming her mace against his chest repeatedly until she finally broke through and smashed his core, killing him instantly. Some Oil and blood had covered her clothes and her bandaged gloves as she slowly dropped her mace. Everything was quiet as tears started forming in Chenana's eyes. She finally came to and as the results, she could feel the extreme amount of pain through out her whole body, especially her back, her shoulder and her stomach. She started sobbing in agony as she weakly fell onto her knees.

"W-What have I done..?" She cried, trying to forget what she had done to R.O.B.O.K.

"He... wanted to die?" Aura Flaire said in confusion. "I don't understand..."

Chenana kept sobbing as she weakly tried to get up as she walked over and picked the katana, but her vision was slowly becoming blurry. She's going to pass out soon and she knows it. "L-Let's just... t-take his spell... a-and get out of h-here.." She weakly spoke as she walked back to R.O.B.O.K's lifeless body. As soon as she placed the Soul Gem against his forehead and sealed his soul into it, she blacked out as she was teleported back to Tower Crystallia...

Got the final part of my entry for :iconsouls-of-power: done. X_x;;

I had some of my friends proof read it so hopefully it's good.

Characters Featured:
R.O.B.O.K = :iconspiritauraforce:

S.O.P. Template: [link]
S.O.P. Info Card: [link]
S.O.P. Audition: [link]
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Part 1: [link]
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There will be NO updates due to the fact that I lost the Second Round. =P Oh well. There's always next time!
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FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I, personally, like more details in fight scenes but I do enjoy your style of writing.
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :aww: I'll be honest that I'm not that great with fighting scenes. Don't get me wrong; I can SEE the fight scene playing through my mind, I just can't put it down on paper with great details.

Then again, if I listen to ANY song, many different scenes play in my head. ^^; If you saw the reference that I put in there, you probably already figured which of the few songs I was listening to while making this entry.
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You’re welcome. I was in the same boat as you once. It just takes practice and experience to write fight scenes.

Sadly, I didn’t catch the reference in it.
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk... Throw it all away..."
"No one can break you... Nobody can tear you..."

That was Shadow the Hedgehog's theme song "Throw it All Away" from Sonic Adventure 2.

Since Chenana is a gamer, there will be some cases that she would make references to some of the games I've played over the years (Tales of Symphonia, Sonic, Zelda and many more). Even her character design gives off some gaming references. I dunno why, but I like making some references whenever I write stories or drawing my characters.
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I never played any Sonic games so I never caught it.

That’s cool to do.
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I see.

XD It's almost a bad habit of mine. I WAS going to do a Red Spy reference for my first round, but I scrapped the idea. ^^;
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that’s what makes your writing your style.
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ cool
TheFlamingSeeker Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Artist
I think Chenana....threw it all away...

Keep fighting,Chenana! You have to win! Avenge me and the rest of the fallen!
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You see you got the reference that is in there. ^^;; Chenana is a gamer so you may see some more gaming references from her.
TheFlamingSeeker Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Artist

But seriously,keep fighting and don't give up. I'm counting on you!
ZMAnonymous Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

. . .

CRAP! I'm out of mana!!

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