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November 14, 2012


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Eh, Might as Well (OCT: Souls of Power Thoughts)

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Well since the Round 3 of :iconsouls-of-power: hasn't started yet, I'm gonna say the following;

I lost in Round 2!
Yay~! :D

To be honest, I'm pretty glad that I lost to my pal :iconspiritauraforce:. Why? Well here are my following reasons:

1. I made a dumb move by entering Chenana in an OCT that involves killing people in order to progress. In my defense, she was the ONLY Original Character I could use at the time that can fight. My other OCs like Eafè, Silvermist and Sellabey, they can't. Period.

But hey, I wanted to work with my mistake. Since normally OCTs don't effect the characters' main storylines, I wanted to create a scenario where Chenana start to lose a bit more of her sanity, having her to force herself to accept the choice she made and do what needs to be done; Winning the Tournament.

I figured it would be a great idea to not only working on an ideal character development and at the same time test her current condition to see what happens...even if the OCT doesn't suit her very well.

2. I have to admit that the OCT isn't...well...perfect. I understand that it's :iconramyrok:'s first time hosting and creating an OCT, but I do have to say that, while it does have potential, it needs a lot of work.
I'm not gonna go into details on what needs to be fixed because someone else could do a better job at it than me. ^^;
Just take a look at this guy's video. ->…
He'll mention the flaws the OCT has and how :iconramyrok: could fix it for a possible remake of it in a near future.

:aww: I encourage a remake idea once the whole OCT is over.

That's pretty much it. Though I would like to hear the judges' inputs on what is wrong or right about my entries (notes from them would be fine ^^;). That way it'll help me improve and may help me if I ever enter OCTs again.

So yeah, that's about it, I'll see you all next time and best of luck to the remaining contestants! :aww:

Here are the Entries I did:
S.O.P. Template:…
S.O.P. Info Card:…
S.O.P. Audition:…
S.O.P. Round I:…
S.O.P. Round II
Part 1:…
Part 2:…

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CatTheGrey Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Since you posted this on the #Souls-Of-Power page, I feel it's not inappropriate for me to respond with my own thoughts on the matter.

In response to number one, I really wasn't certain how round two would play out when I saw Chenana and R.O.B.O.K. paired together, and even after reading the rounds I wasn't confident in my guess as to who would win. I congratulate ~SpiritauraForce for his significant improvement between round one and two, and I know that his sudden improvement is what allowed him to move on. I remain curious to see if he continues improving and move on to round four.

I have to disagree with you in regards to Chenana being a poor choice, though. I feel you could have written her better, and with your permission, I'll gladly critique your work via Note. Despite you saying so many times, Chenana was not the only character entered who wasn't a psychotic murderer, nor was she the only "good" character, either. She fit into the OCT just fine. Since she wasn't a psychotic murderer, she actually had an advantage over some of the other contestants, story-wise. You had to really think when you wrote her, and had to come up with good reasons for her to fight and kill other, innocent people. That makes for a more interesting round than someone whose character is driven purely by bloodlust, if done well. Judges like to see internal struggle, as well as external. On that same note, since she isn't driven by bloodlust, you risk no powerplay, which is frowned down upon by many OCT judges.

That said, I don't feel Chenana was your only original character you could have used at the time. I invented Abubakar the day before I submitted my reference sheet, just sat down with a pen, paper, and the Internet, and brainstormed for a few hours. I did this because I didn't want to potentially lose any of my OCs. If you didn't feel comfortable entering Chenana into a killing tournament, I feel you could have tried to make a completely new character. That way, you had less time and energy invested into xer, and therefore wouldn't be too badly hurt if/when xe died. Obviously that isn't going to help you with Chenana now, however I feel that's something to keep in mind for the future. Don't be afraid to make new characters.

In response to number 2, I watched that video awhile ago, and will write my response from memory. With all due respect to the guy who posted it, his voice sounds kind of whiny to me, and a lot of his points make very little sense, especially when he gets ranting, and although I tried to watch it again for the sake of this post, I just can't.
If I recall correctly, he stated that he felt that ~FacelessWilliam set up #Souls-Of-Power to strip all candidates of their powers and replace them with a random weapon and spell in order to falsely create balance between characters, and that he felt it was a ridiculous way to do so because then you end up with situations like Cookie with a battleaxe (Cookie...with a battleaxe...Cookie...with a battleaxe...). I disagree with many if not all of his points attacking the OCT directly, and even some of his points against individual contestants.

I may be mistaken, but I didn't get the impression ~FacelessWilliam chose the set up that he did in order to balance everybody. I got the impression that he did that in order to 1) create unique situations for certain OCs that are accustomed to using magic/abilities/powers and now have to fight with steel, thus giving the author an opportunity to explore a side to their character they might not have otherwise explored, and 2) because it fits into Aiden's personality to do something so weird and, for some characters, cruel, just to watch them struggle and revel in their dismay. Aiden is a sadistic Doombringer with an obsession for torture and a fondness for jokes only he understands. That was made very clear in the narrative journals that ~FacelessWilliam posted between and during rounds. If I were Aiden and I wanted to host a tournament, you better damned well believe I'm going to screw with my contestants.

If you don't look at Aiden's personality or the host's interest in pushing other authors out of their comfort zone, then the whole "balancing" argument can also be debunked merely by the fact that everyone received a random weapon, with the weapons ranging from chainsaws and battleaxes, to brass knuckles and daggers. A chainsaw vs. brass knuckle fight doesn't seem particularly balanced to me. That said, even the spells had varying degrees of usefulness. My first opponent could shoot spears of ice as fast as he wanted, whereas poor Roy was stuck with a slow moving ball that, if it actually managed to hit, would cause a headache.

If it was about balancing, I'd imagine the spells/weapons would have been more balanced to begin with. Again, I could be mistaken. I can't read minds. But I never got the impression the OCT's set up was purely for the sake of balancing.

And about "Cookie...with a battleaxe...Cookie...with a battleaxe...", that wasn't the host's fault. Selecting an OC appropriate for the tournament is up to the contestant. ~FacelessWilliam cannot be held accountable for someone entering a character with no hands. It's not like he surprised everyone, either. He made it clear from the very beginning that the characters would be stripped of their powers and given a random weapon and spell. Ridiculous situations like giant wolf/rats holding battleaxes with their tails are caused by the contestants, not by the rules.

I would, however, be interested in a second season. Different rules, just to keep it fresh.
CantHandletheTruth Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
*about spiritauraforce's improvement*
That's because that wasn't his writing. You know, in the description, where it says that Charlie200 did the editing? Well, according to the two things of comparisons that I obtained (both the current post and the post that was edited) Charlie200's version was immensely better than what SpiritAuraForce wrote. I plan on putting up the comparisons so that everyone can actually see them.

Oh, and when I do, and Charlie200 decides to start yelling at me (He told me to keep this a secret and to not tell anyone) tell him that the truth should always be revealed no matter what.
CatTheGrey Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Appropriate username is appropriate, eh? =P
If that's true, then that's really too bad. It always pleases me when an artist shows improvement, and I would be disappointed if it wasn't the case. However, regardless of evidence one way or the other, I refuse to pass judgement on the issue.

If ~SpiritauraForce was able to improve with the help of someone else and continue improving as a writer, then kudos to him. I strongly support seeking help from those with more experience, and judging now won't help that process. If, on the other hand, he showed a lack of integrity and had someone else write his piece for him, then that kind of behavior will eventually catch up to him. I don't really need to know, nor care to know, whichever it is.

Anyway, I'm not sure if #Souls-Of-Power is one of them, but a handful of OCTs I've been in have permitted multiple people to work on single entries before. I'm not the best person to bring this up with, and if you have concerns that ~SpiritauraForce may have "cheated", it's best to bring that up with the judges, not me.
CantHandletheTruth Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Hey, I like Miles Edgeworth/Ace Attorney: Investigations. Sue me. :)
I don't mind it to the fullest extent; it just bugs me that he had been receiving most of the credit instead of Charlie200. He's a friend of mine from school and I just got complete wind of the tourney now. We'd been chatting on skype awhile ago and he told me that he had been working on the entry that spiritaura made, and he showed me the comparisons,
that's it.
Whether he's cheating or not, well, that's for complete debate since most people have different mindsets on what exactly is cheating in writing (honestly, it all just depends on the readers already known knowledge of how to write, but then again that's subjective).

What I'm going for is this; I just want to give credit where credit is due. Spiritaura and Charlie200 can have a 50/50 split or a 60/40 - spiritaura/charlie200 split and I wouldn't mind, but it seemed like spirit aura got all of the credit. Let's just say that previous experiences in my life like this happened and my outcome in life is severely declining because of it; I don't want to get too personal in it so I'll keep it to myself.
CatTheGrey Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
That's a game I have not yet had the pleasure of playing. Looks good, though.

I understand where you're coming from. And I feel I may be partly at fault for giving ~SpiritauraForce 100% credit, as I don't tend to offer my congratulations to listed editors. However, since I can't edit my comments, I can't very well change that. All I can say is good job writing up (or helping to write up) an entertaining round to ~Charlie200, should he happen to pass by.

As I said before, I'll leave it up to the judges to decide whether it's cheating or not. I tend to have extremely harsh views. Knowing this about myself, I try to refrain from forming negative opinions about other peoples' work. Under my views, if more than 1/4th of the story telling (not grammar. I've seen some great story tellers with the most atrocious grammar) has been changed by an editor (directly changed as opposed to recommended), then I wouldn't accept it as the original person's work. It has been co-authored. However, some other people I've met held the view that as long as most of it is the original author's work, it's fine, or that it's even acceptable as long as the original author took part in the creative process but didn't necessarily compose anything him/herself.

I understand that, I've been in the same boat. All you can do is consider those experiences a lesson learned and try to not let them repeat.
CantHandletheTruth Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
I see...
I guess I'll just leave it to the other viewers to decide. I'm going to post the original (unedited) one and the one posted at the very moment on S.O.P.
Like you said, I'll let the judges and the viewers decide. I shouldn't have been so hasty (btw, the credit thing by you on spiritaura's thing didn't even cross my mind; I'm sometimes quite oblivious to certain comments.
So, all I can do is just post up the original with the new. If the people don't see a problem with it then that's fine; it's their opinion and I won't go crazy, and that I can promise.

As you can see by my profile, I'm a bit of a newbie here so I naturally tend to get uneasy on foreign ground. I thank you for chatting with me normally instead of yelling at me like some people irl. Thanks for you time; I know posting those comments took a lot of time to write. Thank you for taking your time out to chat with me.
CatTheGrey Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
I didn't notice you had just joined today. It's not a problem, I make it a point to never rage at people, online or IRL. If something makes me mad, I just step away and come back when I have a cool head. And if it's obvious an individual will never agree with me, I simply avoid further communication (or at least avoid the topic). Yelling at people doesn't help yourself, or the one you're yelling at, so I see no point in doing it.

I'm not sure if I'll check it out or not, as some of my first drafts are absolutely atrocious before I've edited them and I accept other peoples' first drafts will be similarly ugly, but I'll keep an eye on your account anyway. Maybe curiosity will get the best of me.

Hey, no problem. I love intelligent discussion.
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ In response to your first response, I wouldn't mind hearing not only the judges' inputs, but also the contestants as well. :aww: Heck, I had a good conversation with :iconluv2doodle: and she did help me out. I really do want to fix up Chenana a little bit before officially start writing the first story ark of her storyline. I do have to say that I did post an aftermath of the first round and it does help get into detail on how she is and kinda helps explain her little... thing that happened in round 2's final part. Not to mention in that and Round 2's first part, it was revealed why she entered the tournament and I'll have to be honest on ONE TINY detail... She doesn't make the best of choices and tends to get into situations she doesn't want to be in...AT ALL. I like I've mentioned in her small and main profile of her, Chenana is a bit naive so this is to be expected. ^^;
I do have a habit on creating MANY characters randomly, but I guess I wanted to test out Chenana to see what happens. Like I said, to me anyway, not alot of OCTs effect the characters' main storylines so I don't mind entering her in tournaments like this, but like my friends said and what :iconfreakynintendochic:, she didn't suit the tournament well because of her...condition. ^^;

As for your second response, you do brought up a lot of good points. But I guess the whole randomizer thing for the second round was... Unexpected. I'll be honest, both me and SF thought we might fight each other a bit LATER, but when we found out were vs against each other... yeah we were off guard. The funny thing is that in this one RP he and I did, R.O.B.O.K and Chenana did fight each other when they still had their abilities and, for Chenana's case, defenses. In the end (and it might because SF wanted to be nice), R.O.B.O.K lost and Chenana and Aura Flaire questioned why he wanted to die.

But hey, at all worked out in the end. :)

and quick shout-out to will, MAKE THE SQUEAL HAPPEN!!! 8D
CatTheGrey Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Awesome, then I'll go ahead and Note you after I've taken care of some real life obligations (homework, housework, etc). If I haven't responded by this weekend, don't despair. I'm entertaining guests all weekend, and haven't forgotten you.
~luv2doodle was definitely a good person to talk to for critique, and I feel many of my suggestions may end up mirroring her's. We'll see, though.

By "condition", are you referring to her connection with Aura?

They are points I've brought up a few times before, only to people who wanted to believe they were right no matter the evidence to the contrary. I'm certain you can figure out exactly which individuals I'm referring to, as from my understanding, they were your friends. I admit I was nervous you would be the same way, and I'm pleased you had an open enough mind to listen. Thanks for that. :aww:

At least the fight was able to happen between Chenana and R.O.B.O.K. It sounded like y'all wanted it, and I guess it's better that it happened earlier than expected than not at all. I'll be honest, and I'll speak for both of us, neither ~luv2doodle nor I wanted to fight the other this soon. We were both very interested in the other's character and story, and knowing that one of us was going to have to put down the pen after round two was troubling. We four weren't the only ones disappointed with our match-ups, either. I know ~TrueDesknight had been gunning for me from the very beginning, and I'm disappointed we never got to fight. Soldier vs. Warrior prince would have been a fun fight.

After SoP has ended, we may have to make noise on the OCT page itself, if we want a second season. I'd even be willing to either be a judge, or a contestant again. :aww:
ArianatheEchidna Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well Aura Flaire isn't really the problem. She is Chenana's partner and she had completely different experiences compared to Chenana. Aura Flaire's "dimension" during the time before she was killed and sealed inside the MindoBendo Crystal, a war had occurred. I won't go into too much detail, but Aura Flaire, though also isn't a fan of killing either, knows too well that it's either live or die. No matter how much you try to avoid killing, in order to progress to reach your goal and to stay alive, you may have no other option but to kill.

As for Chenana's personality and HER experiences, She is born in 2010 (the same year I graduated), was emotionally traumatized when she was 8 and because she forced herself to forget the event over the years (until when she was helping 34 with his memory project), that whole "her going psycho" occurs when she felt very threatened or pissed off to a certain point and she can't control herself. To get her to stop, you have to calm her down. She never once got involved in situations that she had to kill after that event that scared her for life..until later on in her story.

It's like a mother and daughter relationship between the two, only they became partners for life and became good friends. Aura is very wise and full of experiences while Chenana kind hearted person with a traumatizing experiences and has a low self-esteem.

But again, I don't believe Aura Flaire is the problem. She cannot truly assist Chenana fully like she could and her aura sensing skills became so weak that someone had to be only like about 10 or even closer in order for her to sense what's coming. In round 2's final part, Aura Flaire wasn't able to sense R.O.B.O.K until his attack came at Chenana and because of how weak it had become, she won't be able to warn her quickly enough before Chenana gets hurt. So yeah. Not only Chenana was pretty much in a pickle, so was Aura. But that's just what I think anyway. ^^;
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